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Hello! I’m Nicole, a high-achieving, entrepreneurial wife/mom in my early thirties. I hold many other labels like gardner, connector, meditator and family chef,  as I’m sure you do. In another life, I’d run a successful food truck and be a sommelier. I started this blog because I’ve been on a healing journey that has largely relied on bone broth and pre-made stocks as my daily nutrition to get me back to optimal health.  This is my first blog and I hope it provides candid opinions, factual information, tips, tricks and more that make your life easier and healthier. Last year, after an 18 month journey with a start-up that failed, my doc in Denver (she’s a naturopath with her PHD) informed that I have leaky gut, multiple stomach infections, zero stomach acid, slim to no estrogen or cortisol and “oh by the way, based on your saliva test, it indicates you aren’t hitting REM sleep. Meaning, you aren’t really sleeping at night.” Geez Maddie, thanks for the good news!

Nothing But Broth by Nicole AnthonyIn my spare time, I co-run several businesses (with my spouse), play with my daughter, exercise, date my husband, work on new start-up ideas, cook while listening to books on audible, and get into any other shenanigans I can think of. What I don’t do all that well is rest. Or, stay out of piles of stress. NEWS FLASH: rest, taking it easy, and avoiding any stress is not conducive for the woman trying to experience it all in life. Or, so I thought.
Exhilaration and stress are part of daily responsibilities when you own your own business, are a parent, strive to be a good and sexy wife, take care of yourself, and well, you get the picture. So how do you get healthy when you’ve chosen to live a thrilling lifestyle, but find yourself standing in piles of stress and exhaustion all at once? By making a few simple changes. See my recipe below that fuels and supports an exhilarating lifestyle.
I’m going to keep this recipe simple for now, but if you want a more in-depth version that includes additional details and items I recommend you add to beef up the recipe, please sign-up for our newsletter and you’ll receive a step-by-step breakdown.
Experiencing a Heady Lifestyle Recipe.
  1. Mindset: Adopt the “smarter not harder” mindset. I only flourish. No matter with the situation, both positive or challenging. Having these two short mantra’s at the forefront of my mind, help me to keep a better grip on my behavior, as well as, take the time to make decisions strategically and not just because it sounds like it might be good.
  2. Body: Massages are a qualifying HSA (Health Savings Account) purchase. At least, the Massage Envy in Golden Valley that I go to tells me that. Get your monthly massages to release toxins and allow your body time to relax.
  3. Time & Energy: Condense your scroll of goals down to two. No, not two in each area of your life. Two total! I realize that might take the wind from your breathe, but two huge goals will probably lead to you accomplishing many others on your list without energy or focus. In my experience if you leave additional items on your list, they will distract you from your two “main priority” goals and steal precious time and energy. If your anything like me, this leaves you with missed goals, unfocused, and feeling more exhausted.
  4. Consistent exercise and meditation. I work out every other day, and I have set myself up on learning schedule to deepen my spirituality each week.
  5. Take supplements and essential oils that heal and comfort your belly. Your digestive system is what fuels the rest of your body, mind and soul. Organic teas have been extremely helpful for me personally. I also take a digestive enzyme, turmeric, and a pro/pre-biotic that has changed my life.
  6. Cut cow dairy and grain out of your diet as much as possible (everyone cheats, this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix). But, as you grocery shop and meal plan, consider organic fruits and veggies, grain substitutes, Non-GMO and all natural food items, grass fed organic meat, wild fish and so on.
Have questions or want to get the beefed up recipe?
Share your opinions and details on what your recipe has been to reach your optimal health!!!
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