How to Make Bone Broth For Leaky Gut

bone broth for leaky gut

Bone broth offers numerous nutritional benefits. One of the world’s most potent superfoods, these unique soups can cure anything from facial wrinkles to painful joints to leaky gut syndrome. Yep, you read that right. The proper bone broth can heal your leaky gut for good.

What is Leaky Gut?

If you already have an issue with leaky gut, there’s a good chance you know it. For those unsure if they’re suffering, let’s dive in a little bit. Leaky gut is a bit hard to define, as many consider the issue a symptom of a larger problem. However, from a medical standpoint, having leaky gut syndrome refers to:

An increased intestinal permeability, or intestinal hyperpermeability, that is created when tight junctions in the gut don’t function how they should. This can allow substances to leak into the bloodstream that shouldn’t be there. The result often comes in the form of gas, cramps, bloating, food sensitivities, and general aches and pain.

bone broth for leaky gut

Why Bone Broth For Leaky Gut?

While many are skeptical that bone broth could heal leaky gut syndrome, the science behind such claims seems sound. For example, many of the nutrients in these broths have been found to help treat a variety of intestinal cells.

Your gut health can be improved, and some of the best nutrients for it can be found in bone broth. Our favorites include:

  • Awesome Amino Acids: Most broths contain Glycine, Glutamine, Proline, Arginine, Cysteine, and Glutathione.
  • Collagen & Gelatin: An ideal ingredient to heal the intestinal lining in your gut. Gelatin and collagen offer support to all the mucus that works to protect you’re the cells in your intestine.
  • Many Minerals: Most broths contain phosphorus, silica, potassium, possibly iodine, and a number of others minerals beneficial to your gut health.

Great Glycosaminoglycan: Our favorite broth recipes incorporate chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and glucosamine to offer joint pain and arthritis relief. While the benefit to leaky gut isn’t as strong, these nutrients still play a vital role in your overall health.


How to Make Bone Broth For Leaky Gut

So you want to make a delicious bone broth to heal intestinal permeability? You’re in the right place. We did some digging here and tested out a number of broths. From chicken bone broth to turkey to beef to fish – we’ve tried them all out.

Some bone broths are better for joint health. Others are absolutely ideal when looking for a potent anti-aging remedy. But those things aren’t what you’re here for. No! You want to heal your leaky gut once and for all. We get that. So we put together something for you:

The Ideal Bone Broth Recipe For Leaky Gut


  • Four pounds organic beef, fish, or chicken (with as much marrow as possible!)
  • Distilled Water
  • Two tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • Diced vegetables – onions, fresh ginger root, carrots, dried wild mushrooms
  • Two cloves crushed garlic
  • Two tablespoons turmeric powder
  • TIP: you should consider adding Chinese herbs. The healing benefits of Chinese herbs steep into the broth while simmering in a tea ball


  • Gather all ingredients.
  • Dice the vegetables and measure out spices.
  • Combine all ingredients except water in a large crockpot (I use a Nesco to capitalize on my time. If you’re using a 6 quart crockpot, all you’ll ever be doing is making bone broth).
  • Fill the pot with water until all bones and carcasses are fully covered.
  • Turn pot onto medium heat.
  • Let your broth simmer for the next 24-48 hours.
  • If letting it sit for over 24 hours, make sure to turn the heat down to low after 12 hours.
  • Stir every 2-5 hours to ensure even cooking.
  • After 24-48 hours, turn the crockpot off.
  • Let the delicious broth cool off for 1-2 hours.
  • Pour the mixture through a sieve to ensure a smooth bone broth.
  • Enjoy your delicious drink!

bone broth stored in mason jarsP.S: If you’re looking to save the broth for more than 5-7 days, you’ll need some Mason jars and a pressure canner. This will keep all the nutrients alive and well!

Heal Your Leaky Gut Today!

The bone broth recipe above is sure to help you heal your leaky gut once in for all. Stop suffering today! Prepare yourself a delicious broth and start getting rid of intestinal permeability in your life.

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