Bone Broth Critics and Studies: Should You Believe the Hype?

bone broth studies

While bone broth has risen in popularity over the years, that doesn’t mean there aren’t critics. Athletes and celebrities may love the stuff, but many doctors and nutritionists aren’t as convinced.

Since we prefer to give readers the whole picture here, let’s look at what bone broth critics and studies have to say. Once you know the whole picture, you can decide whether bone broth is a worthy addition to your diet and nutrition – or if it’s not worth the effort.


Believing in Bone Broth

If you’re looking for more medical information on the health effects of bone broth, then we did a little research for you. Here’s what we found about bone broth and all the hype:

  • David Katz, M.D. Director of Yale University Prevention Research Center

In an article bashing the New York Times, Dr. David Katz claims there has not been one verifiable study that shows health benefits of bone broth. He says all the hype is hearsay and urges individuals to follow a diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains if they want to be healthier.

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  • William H. Percy, Associate professor and biomedical scientist at University of South Dakota

Another anti-bone broth individual, Dr. William H. Percy claims that there are no “superfoods” out there. He also believes that the collagen found in bone broth is a poor source of amino acids – when compared with others. However, he does say that some of the amino acids in the elixir can be used to support certain parts of the skeleton.

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  • D David Smith, Associate professor of biomedical sciences at Creighton University

With a focus on amino acids and peptides, Dr. D. David Smith admits that there are two proteins found in collagen that cannot be sourced elsewhere. However, he has discovered that neither one of these proteins offers extra benefit to the human body whatsoever.

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  • Kantha Shelke, Food scientist at Corvus Blue, LLC, a Chicago-based food research company

Dr. Kantha Shelke claims that bone broth may have some benefits to the average used. However, she has found zero proof of that in evidence-based medicine. Shelke even argues that any benefits you may derive from bone broth would be easily sourced from eggs or milk.

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bone broth critics and studiesBone Broth Critics and Studies: Should You Believe the Hype?

Doctors and medical professionals are often wary of promoting holistic approaches to medicine. With the legal ramifications of practicing medicine in the United States, this is understandable. Proper medical research has not been done on bone broth to determine the exact benefits.

While many have found benefit after consuming bone broth, it’s up to you whether to whip up a batch. The best thing to do is test if a hearty bone broth makes you feel better or not. Medical research is irrelevant if you feel better!

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